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Save BIG Money on Screws at Menards®!
Menards® carries a wide variety of screws to help you with any project! Deck screws have a bugle flared design and a counter sunk profile to ensure that your deck is stronger and longer-lasting than decks with traditional nails and screws. Our selection of deck screws include, but are not limited to, bronze coated, stainless steel and premium exterior screws. Use our quality pole barn screws for post frame building construction. These screws are engineered to fasten and seal steel siding and roofing to buildings and are available in green and white among other choices. In addition, we offer sheet metal screws available in zinc, stainless steel and aluminum. Machine screws also have zinc and stainless steel screws available as well as brass. Use our selection of concrete screws when you need to attach wood or other materials to cement floors or structures. Cement screws are available in flat head and hex head screw styles. Our wood screws, available in zinc, brass and yellow zinc, are sure to help make a sturdy and high-quality product. We also carry a variety of drywall, self-drill, cement board, timber, subfloor, socket cap, thumb and specialty screws to help you put any project together and complete the job.