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Save BIG on Lumber and Boards at Menards®!
Menards® offers a wide selection of lumber and boards for woodworking and construction projects. For general construction, studs are designed to be used in framing building walls. We offer several different sizes of studs, including 2" x 3", 2" x 4" and 2" x 6".

For the natural beauty of wood with benefits, we have treated wood that has been pressure-treated to prevent decay and keep insects from destroying the wood. Our selection of treated wood includes boards, decking, dimensional lumber and timbers.

Cedar is an attractive choice for projects because of its warm tone. Cedar is also naturally resistant to decay and rot. We have a great selection of cedar products, including boards, decking, dimensional lumber and timbers. Pine boards are great for a variety of projects. We carry several different kinds of pine boards, including standard, quality, select and edge-glued.

Hardwoods are usually used for trims, furniture and other decorative woodworks because of their coloration and grain patterns. Our hardwood selection includes oak, aspen, poplar, soft maple, hickory, mahogany, cherry and walnut.

Timbers and logs made from cedar or pine provide strength and rugged beauty to your project. Using treated timbers and logs will provide additional benefits that can extend the life of your project.

Add color to your project right away with primed boards, which have a primed surface that is ready to be painted. Choose from any of our MDF, pine or poplar primed boards. Our pattern boards have an interlocking feature for easy installation. We have pattern boards available in cedar, pine and spruce.

You can easily add or update a deck with any of our decking materials. Treated decking has been designed to resist rot and decay while cedar has a natural resistance to both. Untreated decking allows you to select and apply your own stains and sealers. For a low-maintenance option, composite decking is made from polyethylene and recycled wood fibers and will never need to be refinished.

We have dimensional lumber that is available in a variety of different sizes. For durability, we offer treated and cedar lumber, which are resistant to decay. Whitewood lumber products are not treated but provide you with the option of selecting the right treatment for your project.

Our durable trusses, I-joists and engineered lumber will give your building dependable strength.