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Fertilizing Tips

What does fertilizer actually do?
Fertilizing is the single most important thing that can be done for turf grass. Fertilizer will force new growth, encouraging a lush, thick lawn. Good fertility will help the lawn deal with stresses such as diseases, drought and high traffic. A healthy lawn keeps out weeds and uses less water.

Why does a lawn need nitrogen?
Nitrogen gives grass its dark green color and rich look. Rapidly growing turf uses lots of nitrogen and needs to be replaced in the soil.

What is soil pH?
pH measures the amount of acidity or alkalinity in the soil. Turf grass prefers not to be very acidic, so if a soil test shows acidity, apply limestone to reduce acidity levels in the soil.

How do you get a heavy, thick turf?
Using a four step fertilization program is the best way to have a healthy thick lawn. It keeps the lawn thick, lush and deep green.

Why are there whitish-gray spots on my lawn in spring?
This is usually caused by heavy snow in the winter. It is called snow mold, and will go away after a light raking, fertilizing and mowing. This condition is best prevented by mowing the lawn fairly short in the fall.

How much lawn fertilizer should I apply?
The usual rule would be to apply about four pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. per year, or 1 pound of actual nitrogen per application. Follow the labeled directions on the bag of fertilizer.

When should fertilizer be applied?
Fertilizer should be applied four or more times per growing season. The first application should take place in early spring (about the time of the first mowing). After that, apply at six or eight week intervals depending on the fertilizer you are using.

Can too much fertilizer be applied?
Definitely! Several things can happen when grass is over fertilized. The most obvious sign is a burning or browning of the grass; severe over fertilization may even kill the turf if it is too severe. Calibrating your fertilizer spreader will insure that you are applying the proper amount of fertilizer. Read and follow the directions on the bag.