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Radishes have evolved from the small, round reddish-pink radish that everyone knows, into a radish that can be as large as a turnip and range in color from yellow, purple and white. There are two types of radishes, summer and winter. Summer radishes grow quickly and winter radishes take longer to grow.

Fact: Radishes will not grow in soil that has been cultivated with manure.
TIP: Rotate your radishes in the same cycle as cabbage to prevent the roots from being attacked by mold.
Types of Radishes:
Summer Radishes:
Grow quickly and can be eaten raw.
Winter Radishes:
These take longer to grow and can be stored after harvesting.
How to Plant:
Radishes can grow between other vegetables and should be planted in an area that has moist soil and is partially in the shade. Summer radishes can be planted once the soil has warmed up in the spring and winter radishes should be planted in the mid or late summer.

All radish seeds should be planted 1/2 inch deep, however summer radish seeds need to be spaced one inch apart and winter radish seeds need to be spaced six inches apart. You should water your radish plants on a regular basis but more frequently when the weather becomes hot and dry.

Common Problems:
Slugs and snails may hinder your radish roots and flea beetles may damage the leaves, but they will not harm the radish. Your radishes will still be edible!

Harvest Time:
Summer radishes can be harvested about a month after planting and winter radishes can be harvested throughout the fall. Do not let your radishes grow to be too large, they will begin to develop a woody taste.

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