Catalina Flagpole Planter at Menards®

Catalina Flagpole Planter

Looking for a way to dress up the area around your flagpole or just looking for a new planter for your backyard? These instructions will show you how to add new appeal to your home's landscaping. This project features Catalina tumbled concrete blocks, which have a rough split face to give a natural stone appearance and come in two sizes and three shapes so you can mix and match blocks for a more natural appearance.

Start by pouring a concrete pad for the base of the planter. This gives a clean and level surface for the blocks and makes trimming grass easier. You can also use a traditional paver base and leveling sand if you wish. To create the concrete pad, a concrete form must be built using 2x4 lumber. For this project the base has eight sides, but you can create whatever shape you prefer. Dig a trench wide enough for your desired base size plus the 2x4 boards that will be inserted on each side of the frame. Insert the boards into the trench and secure with wooden stakes placed outside the form. Check that the forms are the correct height and perfectly level.

Mix your concrete in a wheelbarrow and shovel it into the form. Work out any air bubbles by lightly tapping the 2x4 form with a hammer all around the form. Run a scrap board over the 2x4 form to level the surface, tap the form with a hammer again, and then go over the surface with a trowel to create a smooth finish. Once the concrete has stiffened, remove the form from the outside of the frame. Do not do this too early or your concrete will break apart.

After the concrete pad has cured, you're ready to install the blocks. When using Catalina blocks, alternate between the 10-inch and 15-inch blocks along with different shapes to create the look you desire. Dry stack each row of block and then glue it down permanently with landscape block adhesive. If it is necessary to cut a block, use a block splitter, available from your nearest Menards®, to maintain the rough appearance of the block. This is particularly important for end blocks. As you are building each course of the wall, make sure you are staggering the joints and alternating the rows. This will help increase the strength and stability of the walls. When finished, line the inside with landscape fabric and fill with top soil.

Find Catalina blocks, landscape block adhesive, a block splitter and everything else you need for your project at your nearest Menards®.

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