Van Trailer Preferred Carriers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a preferred carrier with Menards. Preferred carriers have the advantage of being the only carriers who are able to drop van loads at Menards distribution centers and may be used by all of our vendors to ship inbound product to our distribution centers.
To become a preferred carrier a company would need to meet the following requirements:
- Have a trailer pool at each distribution center you would like to haul with
- Actively participate in outbound freight (submit rates and have them accepted for the lanes you would be willing to run)
- Drop and hook trailers at the distribution centers
- Deliver to the store within 48 hours of your trailer being finished at the distribution centers
You do not need to be a preferred carrier to haul inbound or outbound flatbed loads from the Menards distribution centers. There are currently seven locations at which we have outbound freight. For further information, please contact the distribution center that you are interested in working with:
Eau Claire, WI
Darin Kinstler
Phone: (715) 876-2600
Plano, IL
Tom Cound
Phone: (630) 552-2335
Shelby, IA
Jason Binstock
Phone: (712) 207-2631
Iron Ridge, WI
Zach Sprague
Phone: (920) 644-6240
Valley, NE
Ron Sopher
Phone: (402) 359-8003
Terre Haute, IN
James Moore
Phone: (812) 514-9863
Holiday City, OH
Shawn Moore
Phone: (419) 485-6905