Drop & Hook Carriers at Menards®
Drop & Hook Carrier Program

Looking for Freight? Join our Drop & Hook Program Today!
Welcome to the Menards® Drop & Hook Carrier site. Menards® believes in operating trucker-friendly Distribution Centers, so truckers spend more time driving and less time waiting to be unloaded.
Here are a few of our many Drop & Hook Carrier Program benefits:
Van Truck
1) Increase revenue by gaining visibility to hundreds of our vendors
2) 24/7 access to your Distribution Centers - no downtime
3) Drop & Hook - no waiting
4) No-touch freight from our Distribution Centers to our stores - sealed and ready
5) Hundreds of destinations served daily
6) No waiting means more miles and more productive drivers
Start hauling for Menards® today! It takes just three simple steps:
Step 1 - Determine the locations you want to deliver to and from
Step 2 - Submit rates
Step 3 - Start hauling
Simply Call or Email to Book Your Load Today!

Click on the Origin City Below to See the Destinations of Each of Our Distribution Centers
Eau Claire, WI
Amanda Rounsville
Phone: (715) 876-2600
Email: arounsvi@menard-inc.com
Plano, IL
Tom Cound
Phone: (630) 552-2383
Email: tcound@menard-inc.com
Shelby, IA
Jacob Goff
Phone: (712) 207-2631
Email: jgoff@menard-inc.com
Iron Ridge, WI
Zach Sprague
Phone: (920) 644-6255
Email: zsprague@menard-inc.com
Valley, NE
Ron Sopher
Phone: (402) 359-8003
Email: rsopher@menard-inc.com
Terre Haute, IN
James Moore
Phone: (812) 514-9863
Email: jamoore@menard-inc.com
Holiday City, OH
Shawn Moore
Phone: (419) 485-6906
Email: shmoore@menard-inc.com
Bismarck, ND
Mike Bergfeld
Phone: (701) 673-2707
Email: mbergfel@menard-inc.com
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