Displaying and Decorating Christmas Wreaths at Menards®

Do you want to display your holiday spirit in a modest, yet chic way? Then, why not do just that with a freshly cut Christmas wreath? At Menards, we offer a large variety of fresh-cut and artificial wreaths that are sure to bring a festive air to your house. Whether you buy and decorate pre-made wreaths or create your own version, these decorations bring a wonderful look and feel to your house during Christmastime.

Step 1. Consider Your Options
Even though natural Christmas wreaths are a holiday tradition, some people choose artificial wreaths. Before you decide if you're going to buy a fresh-cut or artificial wreath, consider your options. Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Do I want to display my wreath near a fireplace?
  • Do I want to decorate my wreath with incandescent lights?
  • Do I want to hang it near the kitchen?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, you should purchase an artificial wreath. Fresh-cut wreaths should not be displayed in heated areas, such as above a fireplace or near a stove, because it will dehydrate quickly. Also, fresh wreaths are more of a fire hazard than artificial ones which are made from high quality materials like silk and plastic. If you want a Christmas wreath that you can display indoors, consider purchasing a 30" Stanwick Wreath (287-1066), a 24" Multi Tip Wreath (287-0882), or a 24" Rocky Mountain Pine Wreath (287-0593) at Menards®.

If you answered "no" to all of these questions, you should purchase a fresh-cut wreath. Although many wreath varieties can hold their fresh fragrance and needles indoors with some coaxing, wreaths with fresh-cut branches last longer when placed outdoors. With the use of multiple fresh-cut wreaths, you can create a fragrant and festive holiday atmosphere both inside and outside of your house.

Step 2. Choose a Type of Greenery
Once you've decide whether to get a fresh-cut or artificial wreath, it's time to select your wreath. If you are looking to get a fresh-cut wreath, you'll need to decide which type of greenery you want your wreath to contain. When choosing a wreath by its greenery, consider where you plan to display your homemade holiday decoration. If you want to hang your wreath outside, search for a wreath made of hemlock, spruce or any broadleaf evergreen branches. Not only do these kinds of greenery retain their bluish-green foliage and long needles well, but they also last longer in the cold winter temperature. If you want to place your wreath indoors, look for a wreath made of fir or cedar branches because they retain their needles and color best in hot, dry indoor conditions.

Step 3. Tend to Your Wreath
After you've selected a fresh-cut wreath with the appropriate kind of greenery, make sure to tend to your wreath. The only way to ensure the longevity of your wreath is by continuously watering it. Before you display and decorate your wreath, cover your wreath in a thick layer of water with a plastic spray bottle (644-2485); this allows the wreath to absorb the maximum amount of water so it will last longer, retain more color and lose less needles. Then, carefully dry the wreath's branches with paper towels (575-1100). Once the wreath is completely dry, take the wreath outside and spray the ends of the wreath with either anti-transpirant spray (268-2264) or hairspray (571-0095) to seal the wreath's moisture so it will live longer. However, do not spray any chemicals on any wreaths containing spruce, cedar or juniper branches; not only will these sprays seal in moisture, but they will also damage the wax coating that gives these particular plants color and texture.

Step 4. Pick a Display Spot
Hang your wreath where you intend to display it before you start decorating it; the ornamental accents on your wreath will then provide visual balance and interest to the interior or exterior of your home. When picking a spot to display your wreath, remember to hang it where all of your holiday guests can see it. Make your wreath a statement piece that sets the tone of your holiday décor by placing it on your front door. When displaying a fresh-cut wreath on a front door, do not place it between your front door and storm door; this will cause your wreath to heat up and dry out rapidly. Instead, hang your wreath on the outside of your front door with a wreath hanger (285-0716). You can also display your Christmas wreath outdoors by hanging it on your mailbox, railings and posts. If you prefer to display your wreath inside your house, doorways, hallways and staircase railing are great sites to display your festive Christmas decorations.

Step 5. Personalize it
Once you've picked a spot to display your wreath, it's time for you to personalize your wreath with decorations so it will complement both your house and your personality. Since there's no limit to how creative you can be and what materials you can use, create a one-of-a-kind wreath with anything from store-bought ornaments to items found in your own yard. With the use of well-placed and colorful accessories, you can turn your simple Christmas wreath into a beautiful piece of art that projects your personality for all to see.

Things Found in Nature
Decorating your Christmas wreath can be easy and economical when you use what's available to you outdoors. Embellishing your wreath with actual elements from your own backyard can make your house look and smell good during the holidays at no extra cost. Simply collect any small twigs, flowers, pinecones, berries or nuts that are scattered throughout your yard. Then, plan out your wreath design by placing the items on the wreath. Once you've decided what you're design will look like, attach each item to the wreath with a glue gun (231-7128). With imagination and creativity, you can make your wreath truly unique with help from your own yard.

Let it Shine
Another way to decorate your Christmas wreath is by adding Christmas lights. When selecting Christmas lights for your wreath display, make sure you choose a form of LED (light-emitting diode) lights. Although LED lights are the newest Christmas light options on the market today, these lights are safer to use because they don't produce heat. Since LED lights are fireproof, you can use them to decorate fresh-cut or artificial wreaths, swags, garlands and trees! To decorate your wreath with Christmas lights, you'll need a spool of floral wire (235-3037) and a 50 count LED light set (0450,
0454, 0593, 0612, 0613). First, secure an end of the light strand to the bottom left of the wreath with floral wire. After you've cut the wire loose from the spool, wrap and weave the light strand around the wreath until the wreath is entirely covered. Then, tie the other end of the light strand to the wreath with some floral wire. By adding Christmas lights, you can accent the natural beauty of your wreath, allowing it to be seen during the day and at night.

Bold Bulbs
Make your Christmas wreath colorful and festive by decorating it with big, beautiful and bold ornaments. However, limit the color scheme of your decorations to just 2 to 3 colors so the wreath won't overpower any nearby Christmas décor. Once you've decided on your decorative color scheme, choose the size and number of ornaments you're going to use. For a more subdued look, add a small cluster of mini bulb ornaments (281-0421) to the bottom of your wreath. And, if you prefer a more modern look, outline the wreath's form with larger ornaments (281-1706,1707,1708,1709). When you've chosen which ornaments you want on your wreath, simply attach them with either floral wire or wire ornament hangers (281-0641). With the use of bright and bold colored bulbs, you can create a uniquely different take on this classic Christmas décor.

Paint it Red
If you would rather keep your wreath looking simple and sophisticated, consider decorating your wreath with a touch of red. Due to the high contrast between the complimentary colors of red and green, the decorations will stand out without being too jarring. Add a splash of holiday color to your wreath with some red pinecones (281-1662), ribbon
(285-1966,1970), bows (285-7433) and/or poinsettias (285-1450). When you are planning your wreath design, remember to keep it simple; use either 3 or 5 decorative pieces in your Christmas display so your wreath won't look messy or clustered. Once you've selected your 3-5 decorative items, simply fix them to your wreath with floral wire or garland ties (285-0527). By embracing the colors of Christmas, you can create a classically chic wreath this year.