Product Review Guidelines

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Product Review Guidelines
Menards product reviews are a great way for you to let us and others know your opinions on the items you have purchased. Your input assists us in providing better products and helps build a more knowledgeable community of do-it-yourselfers, allowing our future guests to make more informed buying decisions. Creating a review is fast, fun and easy using your account. A review should reflect your opinion of and experience with a product. If you have a comments relating to your experience with Menards and its services, the fastest way to connect with us is to contact Guest Services.

To begin writing your review, click on the "Write a Review" link near the top of any product page just beside the product's rating. As a means of keeping our reviews respectable and free from unhelpful content, we require each reviewer to sign in to his or her account before starting. If you do not have an account, sign up today.

The review process can be as simple or as in-depth as you make it. When creating your review, you can:

    1. Rate the product overall on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 star = poor; 5 stars = excellent).

    2. Give your review a unique title to help others know what your review is about.

    3. Write a few paragraphs about your experiences, opinions and likes or dislikes about the product.

    4. Preview and proofread your review before final submission to make sure you have included everything you want to say.

You can also rate the product on some of its more specific attributes, list a few pros and cons, attach pictures of your product in action and tell us if you would recommend it to a friend.

Whether your review is positive or negative, there are a few guidelines you should consider while writing:

    1. Focus on the product. A review should offer a glimpse of your own hands-on experience with the product. It should not be used for
    customer service feedback. If you have a comment or concern intended for Menards, please email us through the Guest Services

    2. Offer your opinion. Be sure to tell why you like or dislike certain features about the product.

    3. Make it your own. A review worth reading is one with personality and style from the author. is a public and family-oriented website. As such, each submitted review is carefully read and evaluated by a third-party moderator to check for any inappropriate content. We ask that you refrain from submitting a review with any of the following:

    1. Obscenities, discriminatory language or any language that is not appropriate for public forums

    2. Advertisements, spam, URLs or references to other websites

    3. References to pricing, other offers or other retailers

    4. Phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses or personal information of any kind

    5. References to other reviews or their authors for the intent of criticism or aggression

While all reviews must meet our standards for appropriateness, some may contain content that is subjectively offensive to certain individuals. In such cases, Menards cannot be held liable for the opinions, preferences or actions of others.

Product reviews provide a way for our guests to give feedback on the quality and value of our products. A review should not be used to comment on personal experiences with Menards. Such reviews will be rejected by the third-party moderator. If you have feedback on your shopping experience, use of the website or other matters pertaining to Menards, please use the Guest Services page to contact us.