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Brighten up the dreary days of winter by drawing beautiful birds to your yard. In the winter, these feathered friends rely on your generosity to survive the freezing temperature and severe wind chill. By providing winter birds with some creature comforts, you will be able to transform a lonely winter wasteland into a happy habitat full of beautiful birds.
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Find the Perfect Place for Your Bird Feeder
An easy way to attract backyard birds is by placing a bird feeder in your yard. Before you put out your bird feeder, make sure you place it in a quiet space where birds can eat in peace. Here are some possible places to put your bird feeder this winter.
• Keep birds out of the cold by placing your bird feeder on the east or south side of your house.
• Provide birds an easy escape from aerial predators by placing your bird feeder 10-15 feet away from trees or tall shrubbery.
• Stop birds from colliding into your window by placing your bird feeder a mere three feet away from it. At this distance, not only are birds able to distinguish that the windowpane is glass, but you will also be able to observe them up close.
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Foods Birds Favor
In the winter, many birds change up their eating patterns by supplementing their diet with foods that are high in fat. While their natural food supply remains hidden beneath snow and ice, you can supply them with the following food to keep them warm and energized.
Nyjer Seeds
• Also known as "thistle seed"
• High-oil seed
• Attracts finches, siskins and chickadees

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Black-Oil Sunflower Seed
Black-Oil Sunflower Seed
• Rich in oil and high in protein
• Provides energy
• Attracts cardinals, sparrows and blue jays

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• Easily digested hard animal fat
• High-energy food that attracts insect-eating birds
• A favorite of woodpeckers and nuthatches

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Safflower Seed
Safflower Seed
• White, thin-shelled seed
• Deters blackbirds and squirrels
• A favorite of titmice, cardinals and mourning doves

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Warm Water in Winter
Another way to bring winter birds to your backyard is with warm water. Since 70% of a bird's nonfat body tissue is made up of water, it is important for birds to stay hydrated during the winter. You can help birds survive the cold by setting up a heated birdbath near your bird feeder. As the temperature drops, the heated birdbath will warm up, preventing the water from freezing over. With a heated birdbath, birds will be able to quench their thirst and insulate their bodies all at the same time.
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