Ready, Set, Sow! at Menards®
Ready, Set, Sow!
Longing for some ripe and rich tomatoes? Or, perhaps something a little more salty, like asparagus? Well, you can have all of this and more by starting vegetable seeds indoors right now! With the right equipment and a little patience, you will be rewarded with farm-fresh produce in a matter of months.
What You Will Need
Once you've collected all your materials, it's time to sow your seeds.
Step 1, Step 2
Fill each cell of your seed starter tray with warm water. When the coconut coir pellets come in contact with the water, they'll dampen and expand. Let the starting mix soak for a few minutes to ensure that its thoroughly moistened.
Using the end of a #2 pencil, poke a small hole in the moist mixture of each seed cell. If you are planting smaller seeds, make sure the indentation is no deeper than a quarter of an inch. Larger seeds should be planted a bit deeper, preferably at a depth of half an inch.
Step 3, Step 4
Place two to three seeds in each seed cell. If you're planting several seed varieties, sow them in separate cells. Prevent possible seed mix-ups by labeling all your seed groupings with plant markers. Make sure to note the vegetable variety as well as the planting date.
Once the seeds have been sown, cover the seed starter tray with the plastic dome lid. This will help hold in humidity and moisture, allowing the seeds to grow twice as fast. Check the seeds daily to ensure that they have enough water, warmth and light.