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Do It Yourself Stair Planter
Vertical Stair Planter
It seems that vertical gardens are all the rage right now, and it's no wonder why. They look amazing, and they fit in spaces where traditional gardens won't. Crafty growers have invented all sorts of ingenious ways to get their gardens off the ground, but this planter made from deck parts has to be one of the simplest. By using a couple stair stringers meant for a deck, you can easily create four elevated tiers for your plants. And since the decking materials are treated for outdoor use, you can be confident that the planter will stand up (get it?) to the elements.

We chose potted flowers for our planter, but feel free to use your imagination. There are countless ways to customize this project. Maybe you would prefer an herb garden in window box planters. Or if you want to be more adventurous with your color selections, there are plenty of containers and Cabot exterior wood stains to choose from.

Here is a list of the items we used in our stair planter:

• (2) 4 Step Stringer
• (4) 1x6-8' AC2 Treated Pine Board
1-5/8" Deck Screws
• (16) 7" Resin Pot
Cabot Exterior Wood Stain
Make Cuts and Drill Holes
You'll also need the following tools:

• Tape Measure
• Pencil
• Circular saw
• Power drill/driver
• 5" Hole Saw
• Sandpaper
• Paint brush

The stringers were modified so the planter rows would lean forward rather than sitting flat. As you can see in this image, two simple cuts with the circular saw did the trick. Be sure to leave enough material at each end for the screws that will secure your horizontal boards to the stringers.

Cut the 1x6 boards to eight 42" lengths. With an inch overlap on either side, attach the boards to the stringers with deck screws.

Cut four holes for your pots in each tier with the hole saw. Sand any rough edges smooth with the sandpaper before applying the stain of your choice. Once the stain is dry, you are ready to drop in the pots and start planting!
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