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Summer Garden Care
Beat The Heat With Water
Beat the Heat with Water
As the dog days of summer start to set in, you'll want to ensure that your garden is watered daily. An easy way to help your plants stay healthy and hydrated is with a soaker hose. By placing the hose at the base of your plants, you'll be able to provide water directly to your plants' roots. This will not only prevent the sun from leeching essential nutrients from the soil, but it will also stop the water from evaporating in the air.

A tripod sprinkler is another ideal irrigation solution that provides the perfect amount of water for larger gardens, tall plants and shrubbery. Using a powerful stream of water pressure, this device can cover an area up to 90' in diameter. And, with its adjustable impulse sprinkler head, it can present partial to full-circle water coverage at different distances and densities, allowing you to supply water when and where your plants need it most.
Feed Your Plants Fertilizer
Feed Your Plants Fertilizer
Supply your garden plants with a sufficient amount of nutrients all summer long by mixing some fertilizer into your garden soil. Since most deep-rooting vegetable plants require a lot of sustenance, you should consider adding a slow-release fertilizer to your garden. This will provide your plants with a steady supply of nutrients for several successive months, and reward you with a heaping harvest in the fall.

In addition to granular and liquid forms, slow-release fertilizer is also available in garden spikes. Premeasured and specially designed to feed flowering plants where they need it most, Jobe's® Fertilizer Spikes will provide your plants with just the right amount of nutrients for 8 weeks straight. And, since these spikes transmit nutrients directly to your plants' roots beneath the surface, they won't be washed away during waterings or scorched by the summer sun beams.
Protect Plants Against Pests
Protect Plants Against Pests
Help your garden thrive this summer by protecting your plants from hungry rabbits and deer. While these animals may seem cute and cuddly, they can devastate flourishing flower beds or an entire vegetable garden within days. You can prevent these pesky pests from wreaking havoc in your garden with the right companion plants. Here are a few valuable varieties that will keep rabbits and deer far away from your flowers and vegetables.

• Since rabbits and deer dislike plants with a tough exterior or prickly foliage, they'll steer clear of your garden if it's lined with sedum, euphorbia or cardoon plants.

• Although rabbits love fresh vegetables, they can't stand fresh herbs. You can stop rabbits in their tracks with a little mint, oregano, sage or rosemary.

• While deer may have a strong sense of smell, they are not fans of fragrant flowers. Therefore, lilac, evening primrose and morning glories are the perfect natural deer repellent.

Another way to discourage hungry rabbits and deer from feasting on your plants is by applying different scents to your garden. Low-level animal repellents, like Messina Wildlife's Animal Stopper, discourage wild animals by emitting a pleasant-smelling scent that most rabbits and deer abhor. To use, simply sprinkle the granules throughout your garden; it's that easy! This solution won't just give you immediate pest protection after application, but it will also deter rambunctious rodents from your yard for up to one month.
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