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Commercial and residential vented heaters can be fueled by gas, wood or pellets.
Warm up your garage with our selection of quality nonvented infrared gas heaters.
Nonvented forced air gas heaters are available in kerosene and LP gas models.
Shop our selection of blue flame gas heaters, available in LP and natural gas models.
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Find all the accessories you need for your garage gas heater.
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Keep warm during chilly days with gas and kerosene heaters from Menards®. We offer a wide selection of heaters that will keep a variety of rooms warm and comfortable. Heat up your garage with one of our vented garage heaters, nonvented infrared garage heaters and nonvented forced air garage heaters. We also offer all the garage heater accessories and garage heater replacement parts to keep your heater running smoothly. Heat your home with one of our household heaters. Our household blue flame heaters are available in LP and natural gas models. We also have a wide variety of kerosene wicks and igniters for any heater.