Seven Must Have Tools at Menards®
Seven Must-Have Garden Tools
  • Shovel 265-4114
  • Pitchfork 265-4153
  • Hoe 265-4132
  • Hand Trowel 265-2745
  • Hose 274-1035
  • Watering Can 277-8985
  • Gardening Gloves 660-1213, 1856
  • Hand Pruners 265-5950
When in the garden, it's always fun to get your hands down in the dirt. But there are plenty of other useful tools to help your garden grow! Here's a list of some of the other necessities as you plan your vegetable garden...

Most projects will require a round-point garden shovel to dig into the ground, break up soil and scoop compost

Digging in heavy clay or in areas with lots of stones might require the use of a metal pitchfork for digging and lifting.

A standard hoe with a 4" or 6" blade will be your best bet for loosening soil and for the all-important weeding process. When using a hoe, let the tool do the work for you. Lift it and let the blade come down into the soil. Then simply pull back to loosen dirt.

Hand Trowel
When planting and maintaining your garden, use your trusty hand trowel. It can be called upon to dig holes for planting and for loosening soil in small patches. It's a good weeding tool, too.

Hose or Watering Can
Choose a 5/8" vinyl reinforced hose with sturdy couplings and make sure it's long enough to reach your garden OR look for a 1- or 2-gallon can that has a round head with lots of little holes for a soft spray that won't damage plants.

Gardening Gloves
Choose a quality pair of all-purpose gardening gloves with plenty of cushion and some protection against wetness.

Hand Pruners
A good pair of hand pruners will improve your gardening experience more than you'll ever know. It helps during harvest, maintenance of plant overgrowth, end-of-season cleanup and more! A great overall utility tool for gardeners. Start with a bypass hand pruner because it's the most versatile, and be sure to try it out for comfort before purchasing.

- Burpee Home Garden

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