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In recent years, developments in technology have made many advances in alternative energy. Alternative energy sources are new sources of energy that are not powered by fossil fuels. New energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels are becoming increasingly popular because they provide clean, renewable energy. Many people and businesses are making the environmentally-friendly choice to utilize these new energy options.

One of the main reasons that consumers are choosing alternative energy is because it is better for the environment. Unlike traditional energy sources that can release greenhouse gases into the air, alternative energy sources produce clean energy. These sources are powered by naturally recurring elements such as wind, running water and sunlight. Alternative energy sources simply harness the power of these resources and bend it to our needs.

Also, unlike fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources, there is no danger of depleting the supply of alternative energy. Because they are powered by constantly replenishing elements such as water, wind and sunlight there is no danger of exhausting the supply of energy. These options are often more cost effective and healthier than traditional energy sources.

Menards offers many alternative energy options for your home or business. With the latest alternative energy equipment, you too can make a positive impact on the earth.
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Save BIG on Your Energy Costs with Our Alternative Energy Options!
Electric bills are one of the most expensive utilities we face on a regular basis, yet everyone needs it. Menards® has the answer to lowering your energy costs by choosing one of our alternative options. These options include solar power, this category combines simple items such as solar lights which come in handy for outdoor lighting, solar panels which can be used to power specific devices, RVs, small homes or can be used as backup power sources and more! Other choices include our wind energy selection, electric car chargers and generators. These items are sure to help you be prepared with backup power sources as well as help you save on your electric utility bill.

You can read more about the forms of alternative energy or how we affect the earth. You can also learn more about Energy Star.