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Tax Exempt
Supplying & Hauling
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Here you will find the answers to any questions you may have about Menards®. Whether you have a question about placing an order, creating an account or information about your local store, this help page has the answer! Need more information on Menards® stores, [[sale flyers|flyerselectstore.html?flyer_type_name=weekly&locale=en&flyer_run_id=22790]] or [[careers| careers.html]] with Menards®? Visit the [[Menards® Stores| menards-stores/c-12531.htm]] section to learn more or to [[find a Menards® store| storeLocator.html]] close to your home. At the [[Returns and Cancels section| return-policy-cancels/c-12550.htm]] you can receive assistance with returns and cancels as well as view our [[online| guest-services/return-policies/online-return-policy/c-3563.htm]] and [[in-store| guest-services/return-policies/store-return-policy/c-3545.htm]] return policies. Under payments you can view our [[coupon policy| store/20090519001/assets/pdf/CouponPolicy2.pdf]] and information on [[acceptable forms of payment| payment/c-12629.htm]]. Do you have a question about rebates? Visit the [[rebates| rebates/c-12553.htm]] section for the answer and while you're there you can also [[print a rebate form| rebates.html]] or [[track your rebate|]]. In the [[My Account| my-account/c-12586.htm]] section you can easily [[create a account| register.html]] or [[sign in| login.html?redirectURL=header]] and access the full benefits of the website. You can also [[track your order| soSearch.html]] online or view our [[pick up at store| buy-online-pick-up-in-store/c-12969.htm]] or [[shipping information| shipping-information/c-12929.htm]]. If you experience any difficulties getting into your account don't worry. Simply select [[forgot password| forgotpassword.html]] and we will send you a new one. If you are looking to [[pay off your BIG card bill|]], [[apply for a BIG card|]] or [[learn more| c-3433.htm]] about the benefits of our credit programs we have the answers to all of your questions right here. Just visit the [[Credit Programs| menards-credit-programs/c-12554.htm]] section. We also have information on [[rental equipment| rentals/c-12556.htm]] and the [[stores that offer rental services| storeLocator.html]] and answers to your questions about [[tax exempt orders| tax-exempt/c-12552.htm]] and [[applying for a tax ID| services/tax-exempt-registration/c-10167.htm]]. In addition, we have [[hauling information| supplying-hauling/c-12555.htm]] and the necessary [[hauling|contractorhauling.html]] and [[supply|supplier.html]] forms for you to fill out. You can also find information about shopping on [[| using-menards-com/c-12548.htm]] so you can be sure to have a positive online shopping experience.