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Here you will find the answers to any questions you may have about Menards®. Whether you have a question about placing an order, creating an account or information about your local store, this help page has the answer! Need more information on Menards® stores, sale flyers or careers with Menards®? Visit the Menards® Stores section to learn more or to find a Menards® store close to your home. At the Returns and Cancels section you can receive assistance with returns and cancels as well as view our online and in-store return policies.

Under payments you can view our coupon policy and information on acceptable forms of payment. Do you have a question about rebates? Visit the rebates section for the answer and while you're there you can also print a rebate form or track your rebate. In the My Account section you can easily create a account or sign in and access the full benefits of the website. You can also track your order online or view our pick up at store or shipping information.

If you experience any difficulties getting into your account don't worry. Simply select forgot password and we will send you a new one. If you are looking to pay off your BIG card bill, apply for a BIG card or learn more about the benefits of our credit programs we have the answers to all of your questions right here. Just visit the Credit Programs section. We also have information on rental equipment and the stores that offer rental services and answers to your questions about tax exempt orders and applying for a tax ID. In addition, we have hauling information and the necessary hauling and supply forms for you to fill out. You can also find information about shopping on so you can be sure to have a positive online shopping experience.