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Late Season Lawn Tips
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Restoring Your Lawn with Video
A beautiful green lawn is the pride of most every homeowner. Watch this helpful video on how to restore your lawn.
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Fertilizing Tips
What does fertilizer do? Why does a lawn need nitrogen? Find answers to these questions and more.
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Your Lawn Questions Answered
Do I use fertilizer when I plant grass seed? How long do I need to wait for my seeds to germinate? How often should I water my grass seed? Find answers to these questions and more.
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Seeding Your Lawn in Fall
Late August and September are the best time to seed a lawn. Warm soil temperatures facilitate quick germination, while cool air temperatures allow the new grass to thrive.
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Fertilizing Basics
Understanding the science behind fertilizers is the first step to successful lawn fertilizing. Without some basic knowledge, you can severely damage or even kill your lawn by fertilizing incorrectly or using the wrong product.
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