New Lawn Kit, Everything You Need Including The Seeds at Menards®

New Lawn Kits - Everything You
Need Including The Seed

Every homeowner wants a lawn that is lush and green, because a beautiful lawn provides a comfortable place for family to gather and increases the value of a home. Traditional new lawn applications require significant time and effort and sod can be costly. ENCAP® developed New Lawn Kit™, an All-In-One™ seed, fertilizer, mulch and more solution that can be applied quickly and easily with the single pass of a spreader.

ENCAP® New Lawn Kit™ contains AST™, Advanced Soil Technology™, a univerty-proven control agent that helps grass seed germinate, grow and achieve its full potential. AST™ works right with the soil and everyone knows that better soil means better results. New Lawn Kit™ also includes Sparkle™, ENCAP's® Seed Watering Technology™ (SWT™). When watering, small diamond-like crystals appear and sparkle in the sunlight. When these crystals appear, it means enough water has been applied. When they disappear, it is time to water again. New Lawn Kit™ is simple, easy and effective.

• Convenient, easy application with any spreader
• Reduces work- All-In-One™ includes seed, mulch, fertilizer, AST™ and SWT™ in a single pass of a spreader
• Every mulch granule contains AST™ which prepares the soil for germination and establishment
• Contains Seed Watering Guide™ to help you easily maintain proper watering
• Patented and engineered to always provide an even distribution of seed and fertilizer, no settling