A Guide to Designing a Custom Door at Menards®
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When a homeowner hires you to design an interior or exterior door, they want something that will make a lasting first impression. This task may seem daunting but with the help of Menards, you'll surpass your customer's expectations in half the time and with half the overhead cost.

Not only do we have a large selection of custom interior and exterior doors, but we also offer you a computerized designing and ordering system accessible on Menards.com. With this helpful website, you can see all of the available options and design every detail of your customer's door while staying within your customer's budget. By using our custom design website and our product catalogs, you will make your client feel involved in the process and earn their overall trust.

Things to Consider When Designing an Exterior Door


Many homes are designed around the front entry door because of its aesthetic charm. A front door is not only the main entrance to a home; it is an opportunity to display your client's unique personality and lifestyle. By suggesting small details that may have gone unnoticed by your customers, like kickplates or door knockers, you can change how their home is perceived, resulting in happier homeowners.

Glass Accents
If your homeowners want a more ornate look for their exterior door, you can add glass accents. We offer hundreds of Mastercraft® options, ranging from full length glass pieces to small privacy pieces which allow sunlight to stream into your customer's home. In addition to making their door look more appealing, adding glass accents also increases a home's value while sticking to a budget.

As the contractor, your client looks to you to protect their home from potential break-inns with a combination of front door locks. Suggest some security glass options paired with a multipoint lock system to provide a double wall of protection. As the crime rate involving home break-ins rises, you need to reassure homeowners that forced entry will not be through their front door by designing them a secure exterior door.

Door trends often tell you what your customers want so keep an eye on them. Currently, trends show that homeowners want more energy efficient and maintenance free doors. At your next job involving exterior doors, suggest using one of the many ENERGY STAR® qualified Mastercraft® doors. These doors earn their ENERGY STAR® qualifications because they conserve energy, help the environment and are produced using up to 70% recycled material. By keeping up-to-date with the trends, you will create a door that exceeds your client's expectations.

Finding the Perfect Interior Door

Your customer is unique, so why don't you choose an interior door style that will complement their home and their personality? Save time and money on your next door project with our exclusive interior door collections.

The Interior Custom Collection
With the Interior Custom Collection, you can build a one of a kind door for your client, making their house a home. This collection boasts over forty styles of interior panel doors in raised and flat configurations. These styles are available in eight different wood species: oak, maple, cherry, knotty alder, clear pine, knotty pine, fir and poplar. With this many combinations, as well as several hard to find options, how could you not find the perfect interior door for your client?

The Prime Design Collection
The Prime Design Collection offers you virtually every style of molded panel door available on the market today. These door styles are available in two constructions: hollow core and solid core. Every door is available with a matching bifold door to allow you to complete the entire project in a timely manner. Let our Prime Design Collection save you time and money on your next project.