Choosing a Quality Steel Entry Door at Menards®

Choosing A Quality Steel Entry Door

There are several variables to be considered when selecting an entry door for a home. Being well-versed in the rules to entry door selection will ensure that you and your homeowners are happy with the entry doors you choose.

Energy Savings

First, your homeowners will want the very best in energy savings. Though many entry doors are Energy Star rated, not all doors are created equal. Select a door with a polyurethane core. This foamed in place insulation provides a complete, perfectly fitted core for the door, with a higher density than other cores, for better insulation. Pay close attention to the thermal break. A door with no thermal break or a thin thermal break will experience frost build-up on the interior of the door in winter months. The thicker the thermal break, the better the door will prevent temperature exchange with the outdoors.

Long Lasting

Your homeowners want more from an entry door than just energy efficiency. They also want a door that looks great and will last. Choose a door with a high steel thickness to ensure it will stay dent-free. Look for a high galvanization rating on the steel – the higher the number, the better the corrosion protection. Different brands will have different paint top coat thicknesses. Choose a high top coat thickness for long-lasting beauty. Evaluate the stile of the door. This is the vertical wood edge and the thicker the stile, the greater the warp resistance. A beautiful door
that does not close properly is of no use to your homeowners.

Meeting Locking Needs

Finally, homeowners need to know that their entry door will lock properly. Lock blocks prevent compression of the door between the handles. Select a door with a lock block that covers the bore hole of the lockset, both the handle and the deadbolt. When choosing hardware, make sure the locks meet security standards for outdoor use and are installed properly.


Entry Doors

For the very best in quality and energy savings, choose a MASTERCRAFT® entry door. MASTERCRAFT® is the best value for your money. MASTERCRAFT® doors feature the best U-Value in their class, meaning they are the most energy efficient. MASTERCRAFT® doors also feature a polyurethane core, the thickest thermal break, an adjustable threshold and magnetic and compression weather stripping. They feature the thickest steel with the highest galvanization to prevent
corrosion and dents. They also have the thickest primer top coat, ensuring that your door will stay looking beautiful. Plus, all MASTERCRAFT® doors come with a limited lifetime warranty.

With hundreds of styles to choose from, from the most basic to the most ornate, MASTERCRAFT® has a door that will fit your homeowner’s style and budget and it will be the very best in energy efficiency. MASTERCRAFT® doors are available at everyday low prices at your local Menards®.