Conco® at Menards®
Conco Paint

Menards® and Conco Paints®

Professional Paint Program Advantage.

As a professional contractor who provides expertise, quality worksmanship, and
good service to the property management, residential repaint, commercial, and/or
new residential segments, it is important to know that Menards® Conco
Paints® are there to offer you a one-stop shopping solution for all your paint and
building supply needs.

The Menards® & Conco Paints® Professional Paint Program advantage starts with
our people. The Conco Paints® professional sales team has the knowledge, skills,
and passion to help you complete your project on time and on budget with
unsurpassed quality. Menards® and Conco Paints® offer professional services,
supply paint products that meet specific performance criteria and deliver paint

The Menards® and Conco Paints® Professional Paint Program Features:

  • QUALITY PRODUCTS - Conco Paints® is a complete line of primers, tough topcoats, and a variety of specialty coatings.
  • JOB SITE DELIVERY - A Conco Paints® sales representative can coordinate paint delivery right to the job site seven days a week.
  • CUSTOM COLOR MATCHING - If a specific color for an individual job is needed, Menards® will custom match it and keep the information on file as an
    added convenience to guarantee a perfect match the next time the paint is required.
  • FACTORY FIELD REP SUPPORT - The profesional Conco Paints® representative can provide assistance by coming directly to the job site and estimating
    the job, recommending the best Conco Paints® products, and providing specs to make your job easier.
  • COMMERCIAL CREDIT - Conco Paints® is distributed through Menards® and several convenient financing options are available to contractors.
  • FILE MANAGEMENT - A record of the paint colors and quantities used for every job is kept on file at Menards®. This saves reordering time and gets you
    back on the job faster making this a valued service to any professional.

From architectural and specialty to industrial maitenance coatings, Menards® Conco Paints® have a full range of products that are formulated to provide the
highest quality at the best price - everything a professional contractor needs.

We go the extra mile, so you stay ahead!
Inquire about the Menards® and Conco Paints® Professional Paint Program at your local Menards®, and further your business by utilizing the benefits the Professional Paint Program has to offer to the professional contractor.