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The Advantages of Landscaping with Concrete Block

Structural landscaping can add huge value and appeal to a home. But often times, homeowners think the cost of outdoor features is more than they can afford. They might not realize just how far they can stretch their budget by using concrete block over other materials. Concrete block has been used for residential and commercial landscaping for years, and is by far one of the most economical options. It makes a great investment, with most or all of the cost being regained when the property is sold. As the concrete block industry has grown, more options and features have become available. Whether your project is a patio, retaining wall, garden path, or outdoor kitchen, you can create the piece your client wants with concrete block. By showing potential clients what you can achieve with budget-friendly concrete block, you’ll be able to offer low bids, get more jobs, and create beautiful landscaping.


Benefits of concrete block:

Beautiful – It used to be that concrete block meant only the traditional stretcher-style “cinder” block. While extremely functional as a foundation block, homeowners who had a choice would certainly choose other materials for their landscaping needs. While many homeowners might still picture plain gray cinder block when they hear the words “concrete block”, today there are many choices of styles, colors, shapes and sizes of concrete block for you and your clients to choose from. Many styles offer multiple sizes and edges, allowing you to create random, natural-looking, or geometric patterns with all the benefits of a man-made product. Here are just a few of the styles carried by Menards®:

Tumbled Catalina Pillar Block

Tumbled Catalina
Pillar Block

Mansfield II Retaining Wall Block

Mansfield II
Retaining Wall Block

179-4101, 4103, 4104
Clifton Corner Retaining Block

Clifton Corner
Retaining Block

Dawson Retaining Block

Retaining Wall Block

Crestone II Retaining Wall Block

Crestone II
Retaining Wall Block

Belgian Wedge Wall Block

Belgian Wedge
Wall Block


Since a picture says a thousand words, have plenty of example photos on hand when discussing concrete block landscaping. This will help your potential clients see their possibilities and start to visualize their project.

Versatile – Along with the adaptable look of concrete block, the huge variety of shapes and sizes available makes it the perfect material for dozens of outdoor projects. Building with uniformly-sized concrete block makes the addition of vertical pieces much easier than working with stone, poured concrete, or other materials. The simple addition of a concrete mailbox or post at the end of a path can make an ordinary landscaping job look extraordinary. A block fire pit turns an average patio into the retreat your homeowners thought they couldn’t afford. By suggesting small add-on projects like these, you can create happier homeowners and a bigger paycheck. And you can add these beautiful projects to your portfolio of jobs well done.

Efficient – Another way to lead your homeowners toward concrete block is to show them the difference in labor costs for natural stone versus concrete block. Whether you are building a horizontal or vertical structure (or both), concrete block makes installation fast and simple. Since every block is perfectly sized, you don’t have to waste time trying to find a piece that will fit. If you have ever tried to build a random-stack stone wall, you know it is much more difficult and time-consuming than it looks. Most stone walls must be mortared to be stable, and both the placement of the stone and the mortaring require honed skills to get a professional-looking result. Concrete block, on the other hand, is easy to install with or without mortar. For many applications, gravity holds the blocks in place with only easy-to-apply locking sand or concrete adhesive necessary to hold the project firmly together.

Durable – One of the best selling points for concrete block is the minimal upkeep required of homeowners after installation. When installed correctly, landscaping built with concrete block can be expected to last for decades. With only minor maintenance required, your clients will be happy with your handiwork for years to come.


By educating your clients on the benefits of concrete block, you can steer them in the direction of a product that is not only stronger and less expensive, but which will make your job much easier. With concrete block, you can offer your clients so much more than they thought they could afford – from beautiful patios to vertical elements like walls, barbecues, fireplaces, posts, and mailboxes. All these elements are fairly simple to create and add immeasurable visual appeal to a yard. With an end result that surpasses their expectations, the impressed homeowners are bound to recommend you to friends and family.


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