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As this year’s building season approaches, outdoor living is on the minds of homeowners. A lot of people will start looking at their options for building or revamping a deck. Catch up on the latest methods and trends for decking systems that will make you and your customers happy!

Recovering an existing deck
Sometimes homeowners want an updated look or material, but their existing deck is still in good structural shape. For homeowners who want a low-maintenance product and have an existing deck to work with, consider the unique composite deck-covering product UltraDeck® QuickCap (112-33173334). QuickCap allows you to place a new composite deck surface directly over the existing deck boards, saving time, materials and money.

As homeowners’ ideals turn toward a waste-not philosophy, QuickCap offers an environmentally friendly way to achieve the modern, low-maintenance deck finish homeowners want without wasting the existing materials. And, the entire process can be completed in a fraction of the time necessary to replace the deck. Homeowners are left with all the benefits of a composite deck, and you can move on to your next job sooner. UltraDeck® railing and cladding is also available in the same durable composite material and complementary colors to provide a cohesive, long-lasting finished product.

Building a new deck
Pressure-Treated Lumber
While composite material is becoming the norm for building a new deck, pressure-treated lumber is still a viable option. The past few years have seen advances in the technology used to treat lumber, making it a greener option than the treated lumber of thirty years ago. MicroPro™ AC2® lumber is a great example of pressure-treated lumber that uses advanced technology to create a durable, environmentally friendly product.

MicroPro™ AC2® Lumber:
Light color – The light, natural color of MicroPro™ AC2® looks great and offers increased paint and stain ability. Also available in the popular Cedartone color.
Environmentally friendly – The Osmose MicroPro™ preservative system uses 80% less energy and greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional treated wood. Whereas the copper in many treated woods has a negative impact on the environment, the MicroPro™ formula releases 90-99% less copper into the environment.
Better compatibility with aluminum fasteners and hardware– The copper content in other treated wood products can be extremely corrosive when placed in contact with incorrect fasteners and hardware. MicroPro™ AC2® is only about as corrosive as untreated wood.
Available in multiple retentions: Above Ground (AG), Ground Contact (GC), and Critical Structure (CS) use when building codes require.

Composite Decking
There is no denying that composite decking material will cost your homeowners more up front than pressure-treated lumber. But the time and money that will be spent over years of re-staining and repairing a traditional wood deck will make composite decking a good trade for many homeowners.
What type of homeowners benefit most from using composite decking over pressure treated lumber?
Aging or disabled homeowners who need a low-maintenance deck solution
Homeowners with children – composite decking is splinter-free
Homeowners who plan to own their home for decades to come – with only occasional cleaning required, composite decking offers your homeowners peace of mind for years
Homeowners who plan to sell their home – composite decking increases the value and appeal of a home

Whether young or old, planning to stay or planning to sell, every homeowner can benefit from building with composite decking. UltraDeck Fusion®, Rustic™, and Natural™ composite decking lines come in many styles and colors, with options for every color-matched accessory and fastener you could need. The T-clip hidden fastener system makes for clean lines and perfectly spaced boards. As a man-made product, UltraDeck® offers uniform board sizes and quality compared to the natural bends and knots of natural wood. And while composite is a unique material, you can use the same building tools and methods that you have always used with wood. There is no need to learn a new method or buy new tools. Be sure to use composite deck screws and nails for exposed fastenings, which secure composite boards without creating material buildup around the head, giving you a beautiful finished product.

For more information on the products featured in this article, visit the Building Materials Department of your local Menards®!