Radiant Heating at Menards®

Warm Up To Radiant Heating

More and more homeowners are choosing hydronic radiant heating for their homes.

That’s because radiant heating offers:

  • Higher efficiency than traditional heating systems
  • Quiet heating – no ducts or blowers to transfer noise
  • Health benefits – reduces allergies, asthma, and airborne illnesses
  • Comfort – provides even heating throughout rooms, consistent temperatures, warm floors and relieves dry winter skin

A better way to heat
A furnace forced air heating system can be noisy as air blows out from a register vent. The furnace blower turns on and off, so noise levels and temperatures fluctuate. Even an energy efficient furnace can be costly to run. Radiant heating has come a long way since those inefficient electric baseboards of the past. Modern radiant heating systems radiate heat from the floor, providing constant, even heating throughout the room. There are no fans or open ducts to transfer noise. Instead, coils of tubing underneath the floor circulate hot water, and convection naturally draws the heat up from the floor and into the living space of the room. A chilly basement could be turned into a comfortable living space that adds usable square footage and resale value to the home.

Healthy heating
With traditional forced air heating systems, particles from every room are circulated throughout the home, spreading bacteria, viruses, pollen, and dust that can make the family sick. The warm, blowing air dries out skin and breathing passages, making the family uncomfortable. Radiant heat does not transfer particles or dehumidify because the system uses convection, not air movement, making radiant heat a great choice for homeowners who suffer from allergies or asthma. For homeowners who want the best in energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort, there is no better heating option than hydronic radiant heating.

It’s all about efficiency
Whether building or remodeling, homeowners have a key requirement for their project – energy efficiency. Warm air naturally rises and with traditional systems warm air only collects near the ceiling resulting in inconsistent heat. Radiant heat provides consistent heat and uses 10-40% less energy than traditional heating systems. The process of hot water circulation requires as little as a 1/24 HP pump where a furnace would use a 1/2 HP fan. Water holds seven times more energy than air so your
homeowners will see savings on their energy bills immediately. Radiant heat also produces less carbon emissions by using less energy to create and circulate the same amount of heat as an energy efficient furnace. While a radiant heating system has a higher upfront cost, the difference will be made up quickly with lower energy bills. Your homeowners will increase the value of their home and continue to save money year after year.

Stop by Menards® Plumbing department to find out more about radiant heating and get help choosing the system that is right for you and your homeowners!