Warm Up To Radiant Heating at Menards®
Warm Up To Radiant Heating

Warm Up to Radiant Heating!

More and more people are choosing hydronic radiant heating not only for their homes, but for garages and post frame
buildings as well.

That's because radiant heating offers:
Higher efficiency than traditional heating systems.
Quiet heating - no blowers to transfer noise.
Dependability - Cars and equipment are more reliable in a warmer environment.
Comfort - provides even heating throughout the building, consistent temperatures, warm floors and a comfortable work space.

Radiant heat saves energy and money
Whether building or remodeling, home and business owners have a key requirement for their project - energy efficiency. Warm air naturally rises. With traditional systems, warm air collects near the ceiling, wasting heat and energy and resulting in inconsistent temperatures throughout the building. It is just not very fuel efficient to run. Radiant heat provides consistent heat and uses 10-40% less energy than traditional heating systems because the process of hot water circulation requires as little as a 1/24 HP pump.

Water holds seven times more energy than air, so your clients will see savings on energy bills immediately. By using less energy to create and circulate the same amount of heat as a traditional heating system, radiant heat produces fewer carbon emissions, making it the better choice for the environment. While a radiant heating system has a higher upfront cost, the difference will be made up quickly with lower energy bills. Your clients will increase the value of their property and continue to save money year after year.

Radiant heat is more comfortable
An overhead heating system can be noisy. Air blows up dust and dirt in your garage or post frame building. The overhead heater turns on and off, so noise levels and temperatures fluctuate.

Modern radiant heating systems radiate heat through the floor, providing constant, even heating throughout the building. There are no fans to transfer noise or blow dust around. Instead, coils of tubing underneath the floor circulate hot water. Convection naturally draws the heat up from the floor. The result is a warm, comfortable living and working space. Even allergies and respiratory problems can be reduced by eliminating blowing air that dries air passages and kicks up allergens.

With all these benefits, radiant heating becomes the obvious solution for your clients' heating needs, not just for homes, but for garages, workshops and post frame buildings as well. Find out more about hydronic radiant heating by stopping into the Plumbing department of your local Menards.