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Wiring The Home For

When building or remodeling a home, carefully
consider the owners technology needs before
mapping out the wiring. A little planning can go a long
way to ensure that the right connections are exactly
where they are needed.

Consider The Needs Of The Owner

Basic Wiring & Lighting: Throughout the home, install boxes that will allow the installation of Cat-5 and coaxial cable for a computer, phone or TV. Plan for at least one
Cat-5 jack and one coaxial jack in the home’s living spaces; this will accommodate the increasing need for Internet access and entertainment in every area of the home.
If the owner likes to entertain, lighting and sound systems are a great idea and add value to a home. A sound system can be wired throughout the entire home. A bonus
of a whole-house sound system is that an intercom system can be easily integrated, a great feature for aging or motion-restricted homeowners. Lighting systems can
range from simple switch dimmers to a central control panel to manage the ambiance throughout the home. Lighting systems can also provide added security with
motion sensors, timed light patterns and many other features.

Security, Video & Audio Intercom Systems: In addition to lighting, cameras offer peace of mind and additional security. If the homeowner has young children, consider
placing appropriate cabling for cameras in the nursery, backyard and anywhere the children might need to be monitored. If the homeowners desire additional security,
consider video surveillance over exterior doors or even on the far reaches of the property. Video or audio intercom systems provide additional safety. Cabling installed in
the appropriate locations as the home is being built or remodeled, will ensure that the homeowner can monitor these areas.

Discover the homeowner’s needs and then make sure their home has all the right cables and connections to make that technology comfortable, convenient
and practical. CLICK HERE to view an example of state-of-the-art smart home technology that incorporates all the items listed below.

Smart home technology items

Practical Wiring Tips

  • Using the right cables will allow multi-functional use with less expense and waste. Cat-5 cables handle internet, phone and fax on the same jack and with up to
    four lines on a single cable, make adding a line easy.
  • It’s easier to run extra wire while the home is being built or remodeled than it is once the home is completed. Installing versatile components now will save time,
    money, headache and damage to the home down the road.
  • When planning outlets and jacks, consider the layout of each room and use products that allow for growth. There will be no need for the clutter of external wires,
    extension cords and power strips if the wiring is properly placed behind the scenes.
  • Install coaxial cable and electrical outlets at an appropriate height and location for flat screen TVs to avoid sloppy, exposed cord. Consider recessed outlets for
    added flexibility.
  • Wall plates and coverings come in many colors and styles to match the décor of the home.
  • Check with subcontractors in advance to ensure that all the wiring they need is installed, then make sure they use only the wiring designated to them.
  • Give your homeowners a detailed map of all wiring so that they are able to utilize the carefully planned wiring system and safely expand if necessary.

Whether you are looking for state-of-the-art smart home technology or economical solutions to your technology needs, you can find all the products
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