Double Wall at Menards®
Double Wall Stove Pipe Group of Pipes

Double Wall Design Advantages

Better Insulating Value = Superior Stove Performance:

Double wall construction with a 1/4" air space between inner and outer pipes provides superior
insulating value than single wall pipe. Better insulating value keeps flue gas temperatures higher.
This helps your wood stove perform with an enhanced draft, which provides:

  • Less chance of moisture or soot build up within the vent
  • Reduced “smoking” of the stove at start-up
  • Increased efficiency

Stainless Steel = Quality:

The inner liner is made from corrosion resistant 400 series stainless steel. Together with the
stainless steel insulated chimney this combination forms an all-stainless steel system to help your
wood stove perform safely and efficiently. It also reduces potential creosote build-up which prevents
chimney fires. Double wall stove pipe is listed to ULC S-641 and UL 103 standards—your guarantee
of safety.

Quality = Longer Life:

The premium materials used enable the manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty. Single wall stove
pipe is made from simple carbon steel and typically needs replacement every two or three years.

Premium Paint Finish = Better Value:

The black finish provides a very rich and distinguished appearance. Black enamel paint is used to
provide a long lasting, brighter finish that also resists scratches.

Advanced Design = Easy Installation:

Double wall stove pipe is available in a variety of lengths and elbows for
ease of installation. Telescopic and adjustable lengths are available to
eliminate cutting-to-size and help easily access the system for cleaning
or inspection.

Superior Performance = Reduced Clearances
(from 18" to only 6"):

Double wall stove pipe not only keeps the flue temperatures higher, it
keep the outer pipe temperatures cooler. This allows the pipe to be
installed with only 6" clearance to combustible materials. Single wall
stove pipe requires an 18" clearance, which typically means your wood
stove sits further away from the wall and takes up valuable space within
the room.

Graphs Double Wall Stove Pipe VS Single Wall Stove Pipe Comparison Chart Double Wall Stove Pipe Adjustable Length DSP Pipe Elbow DSP Adapter Tee with Cap Damper Kit