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Sauder® Woodworking

Entertainment: Entertainment is sturdily crafted, beautifully detailed, and designed for maximum utility and convenience. You'll enjoy value-added features on select
items that include safety-tempered glass, pullout shelves, easy-roll casters, swivel tops, hidden storage and concealed fastener assembly.

Home Office: Broad selection, high performance and sophisticated design makes Sauder® office and computer furniture the perfect way to get down to business in style.
These pieces meet the real world demands of the workplace with standard office sizing and specifications, high-side drawers on metal runners, and a variety of
handsomely finished, durable surfaces. Mix and match versatility means groupings can be tailored to your unique needs and grow as your workplace grows.

Beginnings Furniture: The Beginnings line is a fresh concept - good looking furniture at a great value that does the job in any setting. Perfect for new businesses, young
people, kids' rooms, basements, or anywhere that requires an affordable solution.

Bedroom Furniture: This line of furniture is sure to bring functionality and versatile style to the bedroom for any age. Edged profiles and framed door provide attractive
lines that allow the pieces to complement many room décor schemes. Hardware choices allow style flexibility from sophisticated to friendly. Ample storage space behind
doors and nicely sized drawers present organization opportunities of many kinds, including electronic components, clothing, books or crafts.

Storage: Sauder storage, shelving and utility furniture holds everything in style. This broad selection in a variety of popular styles and finishes, adds extra storage space,
versatility and decorating flair to any setting. Featuring antiqued brass hardware, locking doors, adjustable shelves and other great features, our craft storage cabinets can
be displayed anywhere in your home. Built to stand up to everyday wear and tear, this furniture provides a handsome, practical way to organize, store or display items
ranging from CDs and DVDs to books and collectibles. Used alone or grouped, pieces include adjustable shelves, electrical cord access, decorative hardware and
tempered glass. Designed with convenience and style in mind.

Office Chairs: Engineered to deliver the highest level of support and comfort, and designed to provide superior style and durability. All Gruga chairs are constructed to
the same rugged standards, but engineered and tested to provide the best combination of value for usage.

Night Stand, 4 Drawer Dresser, Armoire

480-4852, 4857, 4862

Computer Desk


Multimedia Storage Tower

480-2941, 2942

Storage Cabinet