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Campbell Hausfeld's legacy of producing heavy-duty equipment began in 1836 when it manufactured horse drawn wagons and agricultural equipment. For more than 175 years, Campbell Hausfeld has offered durable, reliable equipment for consumers and professionals.
Campbell Haufeld Welders

Welding is a serious business, but not so serious that you need to leave it to the professionals. Campbell Hausfeld makes welders for adventurous do-it-yourselfers as well as more advanced models suitable for light professional work. And with a five-year warranty on every model, you have Campbell Hausfeld's guarantee that you'll get welding jobs done right for years to come.

Pro 140 Mig/Flux Welder 120V Pro 180 Mig/Flux Welder 230V
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Flux-Core Welder 115 Volt Mig/Flux Welder 115 Volt Stick Welder 115V
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Campbell Haufeld Welders

Ideal for inflation projects around your home, car and during emergencies. Campbell Hausfeld inflators will quickly restore tire or sports ball pressure, providing safety and fun. 12-volt automotive inflators come equipped with a light to ensure safety during roadside inflation at night. All inflators come up with a sports needle, presta-valve adapter and inflation adapters.

Ideal for home and shop use, the new Campbell Hausfeld plasma cutter uses inverter technology to produce a lot of power in a very compact tool! The WK2500 features a professional torch with contact striking pilot arc for distortion-proof cutting.

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