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Encap brings you easy to use lawn and garden products that will have your neighbors wondering your secret.
WHY ENCAP? Encap products are backed by our patented technologies that work with the soil to create a more healthy, and more productive soil environment, meaning your garden will be bountiful, and your lawn will be lush and green. Plus, they are safe to use around kids and pets. From our Flower Kits, to our Soil Minerals and Lawn Repair products, we guarantee you'll love our products.

Encap Grass Repair

Grass Repair

  • All-in-one formula: mulch, seed and fertilizer
  • Covers and repairs bare spots
  • Grows thick, green grass
  • Advanced Soil Technology™ improves seed establishment & germination
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Video | How-To Fix Lawn Bare Spots

Everyone wants their lawn to be the envy of their neighbors. If you have bare spots, thin spots or even dead spots, these problems are easier to fix than you might think. This video showcases All-In-One Encap products that will help you achieve the lawn you are looking for.

Encap Lawn Starters

Lawn Starters

  • Lawn Starter Mulch: spreadable 'seed-starting' mulch,for quick germination and establishment of ANY seed.Covers 1,000 square foot area!

  • New Lawn Kit:contains lawn seed, fertilizer, and Lawn Starter Mulch. Apply with any spreader. Covers 800 sq. feet. Just spread, water, and watch it grow!
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Encap Earthworm Castings

Earthworm Castings

  • Improves overall soil structure and porosity
  • Encourages vigorous root growth
  • Enables soil to retain nutrients longer
  • Improves moisture holding capacity of light soils
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Encap Flower Kits

Flower Kits

  • All-in-one formula - mulch, seed and fertilizer
  • Colorful, long lasting blooms
  • Advanced Soil Technology™ improves seed establishment & germination
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Encap Soil Minerals

Soil Minerals

  • For all your soil-correcting needs - raise soil pH with lime, lower soil pH with sulfur, green up your lawn with iron, or add calcium with gypsum
  • Advanced Soil Technology™ improves soil environment
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