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Inch by Inch and Row by Row, Tools from Menards® Will Make Your Garden Grow!
A well-maintained lawn and garden is a beautiful setting for any home, and Menards® has all the tools you need to keep your landscape in great condition. Our gardening tools will help you grow a beautiful garden and keep your yard well manicured. Gather up dead leaves or level the soil in your garden with a variety of rakes. Multipurpose tools, such as hoes and cultivators, can help prepare the soil in your garden for planting and eliminate pesky weeds. Get even the smallest gardening tasks done with compact hand garden tools that are easy to carry and handle.

We have digging tools that can be used year-round for many different purposes. There are a variety of different shovels that can be used in the garden, on the farm and anywhere else! Installing a fence, basketball hoop or a mailbox? A post hole digger will help you dig the perfect hole for a post or pole. Digging bars are great for loosening compact soil and rocks. Clear your sidewalk and driveway with a snow shovel this winter.

Keep your shrubbery and trees looking great with our selection of pruning tools. A tree saw will help you reach and trim tree branches with ease. If you need to do some intricate hedge trimming, shears are the ideal tool of choice, while loppers are used to prune twigs and small branches. Pruners are ideal for trimming small plants and shrubs.

Get your work done outside faster and easier with wheel goods. Wheelbarrows can help you haul away weeds or the yields of your garden. Transport the tools and materials you need with yard carts. Distribute lawn enhancers, such as fertilizer and mulch, evenly and conveniently with a spreader. Hitch a tow behind to your garden tractor or lawn mower.

Striking tools are great for many tasks. Get your firewood ready for the winter with axes and splitting mauls. Picks and mattocks are ideal for cutting and prying in your yard and garden. Knock down a wall for a remodeling project or pound a post in the ground with one of our sledgehammers.