Owner Operators FAQ at Menards®
Owner Operator FAQ

How often can I get home?

Every day!

How is my pay calculated?

We pay address-to-address mileage based on PC Miler.

What is a fuel surcharge?

Based on the Midwest average price of fuel per week, you will be secure in knowing that as prices change you will be compensated for the rising costs.

What equipment will I haul?

You will be hauling a combination of van and flatbed loads to our Menards® Retail Stores.

Do you have a loyalty bonus program?

Yes we do! We are looking for Owner Operators to stay with us long term. If you continue to haul with us into the next fiscal year, you can be eligible for the loyalty bonus.

Do you have a mileage bonus program?

Yes we do! The more miles you run, the more your bonus will be. During our busy periods, we pay extra per mile. Qualifications will vary by site.