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Give your Home Character Inside and Out with Moulding from Menards®!
Moulding is an economical way to add value and charm to your home. Menards® carries interior and exterior moulding in a broad assortment of styles to match any decor. Use moulding to add warmth and character to any space without the expensive price tag of remodeling. For example, you can add crown moulding to the tops of your kitchen cabinets to give them a whole new look at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

Our prefinished moulding is available in a wide variety of finishes so you can find the best style to complement your decor. You can choose prefinished casing to put trim around doors and windows or prefinished base moulding to install where a wall meets the floor. Our prefinished moulding profiles include crown, hand and chair rail moulding, shoe, as well as stop and utility stock.

Adding base or mullion moulding to a room is a great way to reinvent the space. Choose from fruitwood, oak, knotty alder, pine and white colors and wood species or make it your own with our selection of ready-to-finish base mouldings. You can also accent your base moulding with decorative base blocks. Door and window casing will add a decorative frame to your windows and doors, while rosettes and accents placed at the corners create a truly elegant look. We also offer pro packs and sets of interior moulding that include all of the trim you will need to finish a doorway or window opening.

Install crown moulding where a wall meets the ceiling to add dimension and character to a living space. We offer unfinished crown moulding choices or prefinished selections that are ready to install right out of the package. Take the look even further and speed up installation by adding crown blocks for a decorative touch.

Our selection of chair rails, shoes, quarter rounds and outside corners allows you to add beautiful edges to the walls of your dining room or formal living room. Chair rails are decorative and practical as they accent your room and protect your walls from scuffs and dents. Shoe and corner mouldings can be used with casing, paneling or baseboard to cover gaps created by uneven applications.

To learn more about interior moulding, please visit our moulding headquarters page. You can also view our quality Dakota brand products for additional moulding choices.

Moulding is not limited to the interior of your home. We offer exterior mouldings to make your home look as good on the outside as it does inside. Our decorative exterior moulding selection includes blocks and brackets that will add detail to your home and moulding profiles that are available in a variety of styles, including dentil and keystone profiles and crossheads which are all guaranteed to accent your home's exterior style.

Vinyl moulding is resistant to termites, mildew and rust, making it perfect for outdoor applications in all kinds of climates. We carry vinyl brickmoulds, casings, crown mouldings, shingle mouldings, j-channel, corner mouldings and base mouldings among others. Our aluminum entry and door frames are available for double or single doors as well as doors with sidelites. We also offer garage door frames that have a variety of finishes available.

Some related items include wood veneer edging, medallions, countertop T-moulding and floor moulding. To learn more about moulding installation, please view the videos above.