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Menards® has everything you need to keep your home, yard, garden and yourself free of insects and pests during the warm seasons. Our live traps for yard pests allow you remove animals from your home and release them into a more suitable environment. Keep deer out of your garden and yard with deer repellant. Rid your home of mice with mouse bait and traps, and keep other pests at bay with our selection of animal traps and repellents. Our selection of area insect repellents, mosquito repellent sprays, tick repellents and other personal insect repellents will make it more comfortable for you to be outdoors. We offer a variety of insect repellent sprays including natural repellents. Bug zappers, mosquito repellent citronella candles and backyard sprays are some of our available options.

Your lawn and garden will remain lush and green without any worries of insects or pests when you use our lawn insect control products and garden insect control products. We offer insect killer sprays and granular controls for lawns and gardens.

Home insect control is also a must for many areas with insect and termite problems. Our selection of termite sprays, ant baits, insect killer sprays and bedbug foggers are just a few of our great solutions to keep your home pest-free.

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