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Save BIG on Drop Ceiling Tiles and Accessories at Menards!
Menards carries everything you need for flawless ceilings in any room. Whether you are adding a drop ceiling to your basement for easy access to wiring and plumbing or for a decorative touch to the main floor we have a variety of options. We carry grid systems, durable basement tiles and traditional tiles. If you are looking to add designer-inspired flair you can check out our selection of decorative ceilings. We also have all of the ceiling accessories you need to finish your project.

Drop ceilings are the perfect solution for businesses too. We offer a variety of decorative ceilings as well as wood ceilings that are sure to add a stylish touch to commercial spaces. If you are looking for a more traditional option we carry convenient waterproof tiles, mineral board tiles and grid systems. We also carry ceiling accessories that are perfectly suited for business settings.