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Menards® has a wide selection of pumps for many unique applications. Whether you need a sump pump to keep your basement dry, or a convenient and portable utility pump, Menards® has the perfect pump to help you move water easily.
Menards® offers a variety of pump and well tank accessories that will help your pump or well tank run more efficiently, including sump pump alarms, pressure switches, adapters and more!
No matter what type of water table you have, one of our reliable well tanks will allow you to transport and store clean water from deep within the ground, and reduce the number of pump starts, prolonging the life of your well pump. Menards® offers precharged and standard well tanks in many sizes.
Save BIG on Pumps and Well Tanks at Menards®
No matter how you want to move water, do it easily with a pump or well tank from Menards®. Menards® offers pumps in a variety of styles designed for many different applications, including sump, utility and pool pumps. These reliable pumps will allow you to move water easily for many different tasks. Bring water from the depths of the ground to your home with one of our well tanks. We also offer pump and well tank accessories that help you maintain your pump and tank and keep them running smoothly.