Grocery & Pet at Menards®
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Save BIG on Grocery Items, Pet Supplies and Health and Beauty Products!
Menards® offers a wide variety of grocery items so you can stock up and save BIG. Start your day off right with any of our breakfast food selections, including numerous flavors of cereal, fruit snacks and dried fruit, granola that you can add to your favorite yogurt, multiple flavors of oatmeal, pancake mix and toaster pastries. Frozen, canned and packaged food is easy to store and quick to serve. Whether you choose frozen pizza or packaged pasta meals, you are sure to find it tasty and satisfying. Don't forget the condiments for your next grill out or meal! We have a wide variety of specialty BBQ sauces, seasonings and more to dress up your meals.

Our selection of baking ingredients is perfect for those who like to create cakes, cookies and bars. We carry cookie mixes, cake mixes and brownie mixes. If you do not have time for baking, we also offer cookies, crackers and snack food that are ready to serve whether they are for after school, at work or on the go.

Beverages will keep you going throughout your busy day. We offer a variety of coffees, teas and cappuccinos as well as sodas, energy drinks, sport drinks, and powdered drinks, mixes and water so you can enjoy staying hydrated with your preferred beverage.

You can start your own concession stand with our selection of machines and carts. We offer cotton candy, sno-cone and popcorn makers as well as hot dog steamers, funnel cake molds and more. Our concession stand supplies include cotton candy floss, popcorn bags and sno-cone trays.

Be ready if bad weather hits by stocking up on emergency food. These kits come in a variety of sizes and have varying shelf lives. The emergency food has a long shelf life and also works great for camping or hiking – but can be a lifesaver during an emergency!

We also carry a broad assortment of household cleaning products to keep your home well-maintained. Whether you need a new broom, all-purpose cleaner or dish soap, we have you covered. Our laundry supplies will help keep your laundry clean. We offer a variety of laundry detergent as well as baskets to keep it organized. Don't forget to stock up on paper and plastic products. We have a wide selection of facial tissues, paper products as well as plastic storage bags and garbage bags.
Pet & Wildlife
When it comes to your beloved pets, we offer everything you need to spoil your dog including dog care supplies, kennels, carriers, dog houses and toys as well as food and treats. Attend to the needs of your favorite feline with our selection of cat supplies including cat flea and tick care, furniture and scratchers, cat litter and deodorizers and cat food.

We have supplies for pets of all sizes. We carry everything from small animal containment for your rabbits and chickens to water tank deicers for horses, cows and other large animals. In addition, we have doors, gates, bowls and storage for household pets. You can also care for your other wildlife visitors. Keep the beautiful wild birds coming to your yard with our selection of feeders, food, houses and bird baths. We also carry a variety of other wildlife products.
Health & Beauty
Menards® has everything you need to stock up on your health and beauty supplies. Be prepared for any emergency with our selection of pain relief and medications. Ease the symptoms of everyday ailments with our pain relievers, over-the-counter respiratory and digestive care products, first aid kits and supplies and antacids. Get instant relief from cold and flu symptoms with our cold medicine. You can also end allergy suffering with our selection of allergy medicine.

Keep your smile bright and white with our oral care selection. We offer toothbrushes and toothpastes to take care of your teeth and mouthwashes to ensure your breath stays fresh and clean. Our hair care products and accessories will ensure that your hair looks healthy and stylish every day. We carry a wide selection of shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and hair clips. Our quality eye care products include eye drops, reading glasses and sunglasses. Keep your skin healthy with our selection of lotion, sunscreen, body and foot powders.