Every Room Accessibility
Make Every Room Safe & Accessible
From the windows to the floor, you will be able to make every room in your home a little more accessible. Learn about the types of windows, doors, light switches, knobs and flooring to keep your home comfortable for years to come.

Also, learn about the fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and monitoring systems needed to keep your home safe for you and everyone in your family.
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Home Security and Safety
Keep you and your family safe with our selection of fire extinguishers, home monitoring systems, smoke detectors and CO detectors.
Make your home easy to maneuver through by installing smart flooring options, such as textured tiles, heated tiles, hardwood flooring or low pile carpeting.
When installing an interior door to make your home more accessible, it should be at least 36 inches wide and your threshold should not be more than half an inch tall.
- Smoke detectors that combine sound and light help notify individuals who are hearing impaired
- A home monitoring system monitors your home from one central location
- Conveniently placed fire extinguishers help keep your family safe
- CO detectors protect your family from carbon monoxide gas
- Textured tiles provide additional traction to prevent slips and falls
- Heated tiles can help with stability by eliminating the shock of a cold floor
- Low pile carpeting is easier to walk on and can help prevent tripping
- Hardwood flooring is safer for individuals using walkers and wheelchairs
- Easier to move through when carrying a laundry basket or young children
- Provides easier access for individuals in a wheelchair
- A smaller threshold makes your rooms easier to enter
- Prevents tripping
Locks and Knobs
Lighting and Switches
Make your home and rooms easier to enter by installing lever handle door knobs, in place of round or bell shape knobs, and an electronic keypad lock for your entry door.
Keep your home well-lit by installing toggle switches, ambient, spot-focused and adjustable lighting to illuminate your countertops, sinks and work areas.
The most accessible, easy to use windows are casement, awning and sliding windows. They are able to be opened with limited hand dexterity and strength.
- Electronic keypad locks prevent you from fumbling with keys when entering your home
- Allows you to enter your rooms quickly with less effort
- Lever handle door knobs are easier to use
- Eliminates the need to twist your wrist
- Toggle switches are easier to use
- Adjustable lighting gives you the right amount of light when you need it
- Spot-focused lighting allows you to see your task better
- You will have plenty of lighting to accommodate your everyday activities
- Large crank and locking hardware are easy to use
- Hardware can be installed at an easy to reach position
- Do not require large movements of the body
- Can be opened easily with minimal effort