Kitchen & Laundry Accessibility at Menards®
Kitchen and Laundry Accessibility
The kitchen and laundry room are where you accomplish the most essential household chores. By making these areas more accessible, it can be easier and more efficient for everyone to pitch in and help. You can easily update your kitchen and laundry rooms with appliances that have front-mounted controls. Varying the height of your work space and cabinets can make items easy to access. You can complement your cabinets with organization products that help you find and store items quickly and easily. Adding spot lighting to your work areas will help you see what you are working on. Faucets for your kitchen or utility sink are a small way to make these areas more accessible.
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Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Faucets
Cabinet Organization
Keep your kitchen accessible for everyone in your family by installing a cooktop with front-mounted controls or a wall oven that is mounted at the perfect height.
By installing a lever handle, motion-activated or touch faucet, your kitchen can be easier to use: no large remodeling project required!
Make your kitchen essentials easier to reach with pullout and pull-down storage racks, pantry rollouts and adjustable lazy Susan shelves.
- Front-mounted or touch controls make appliances easier to use
- Wall ovens can be mounted at a desired height to reduce the need to bend over
- Cooktops with an open space underneath are easier to access with a wheelchair
- Side-by-side refrigerators put food within reach
- Can be operated with one hand
- Does not need to be tightly grasped
- No need to twist your wrist to operate
- More comfortable to use
- Pots and pans will be easier to reach
- Find what you need quickly and easily
- Small appliances can be kept out of sight and within reach
- Swing-out door shelves help keep items from being shoved in the back and out of reach
Kitchen Cabinets
Lighting and Switches
Laundry Appliances
Enjoy cooking in your kitchen with moveable work stations, upper and lower cabinets and varying counter heights.
Keep your home well-lit by installing rocker switches, spot-focused and adjustable lighting to illuminate your countertops, sinks and work areas.
Doing laundry is already a chore; why not make it easier by putting your laundry room on the main floor and installing a front load washer and dryer.
- "D" style cabinet pulls are easier to grip and make cabinets easier to open
- Use pullout or pull-down storage racks to make the items in your cabinets easier to reach
- Varying height work surfaces make preparing meals easier
- Moveable work stations create more comfortable working positions
- Rocker switches are easier to use with no grip and less force
- Adjustable lighting provides the right amount of light that you need
- Spot-focused lighting allows you to see your task better
- You will have plenty of lighting to accommodate your everyday activities
- The laundry room on the main floor makes it more accessible when navigating stairs becomes difficult
- Front load washer and dryers provide ease of access for everyone
- Front-mounted controls are easier to use
- Mounting your washer and dryer on a pedestal provides greater accessibility and reduces back strain