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Save BIG on Plumbing Supplies at Menards!
Menards® has everything you need for updating or installing new plumbing. We carry all of the essentials you need for bathrooms including tubs and showers, toilets, fans, faucets and sinks. Finish off bathrooms with cabinetry, vanity ensembles and tops. Little touches are what make a bathroom elegant. Our selection of bathroom hardware, shelves, hooks, soap dishes, toilet tank levers, toilet paper holders, towel bars and rings are an easy way to add a charming touch. Keep your new bathroom and other additional plumbing running up to speed with our selection of drain cleaning equipment and access panels. Other plumbing products include pumps, well tanks and pump and well tank accessories. Update or install new pipe, tubing and fittings. Accessories for pipe, tubing and fittings include pipe insulation and heat cables, pipe repair devices, pipe supports, hoses and tubing as well as the plumbing hand tools you need for installation. Keep your property well-heated with our selection of emitters, boilers, manifolds, panels, storage and expansion tanks and system components. Refrigeration units can benefit from our selection of ductless line refrigeration sets and plain end line refrigeration. Our selection of cleaning, solvents and sealants include cutting oil and lubricants, various plumbing cleaners, [[pipe cement, cleaners and primers|]]|plumbing/rough-plumbing/installation-repair/plastic-pipe-solvents/c-8530.htm]], pipe sealants, caulks, putty and lubricants and caulk. Make installation and repair easier with our selection of faucet repair products, flanges and nipples, roof flashings, appliance installation devices, kits and accessories, supply lines and valves, toilet installation, repair and replacement parts, toilet repair tools, wax gaskets and bolts. Our drain choices include tub drains, overflows, kits and accessories, tubular drains, connectors and accessories as well as other drains, strainers and covers and sink accessories. Our soldering compound help ensure that you get the bond that you need when installing new plumbing. In addition, Menards carries a wide selection of commercial and residential water heaters, [[water heater parts and accessories|]], heat pump water heaters, [[PEX Tubing-In Concrete|]] and storage tanks. We also have all of the water heater accessories you will need for installation. Keep your water in great condition with our selection of filtration systems, water softener salt, whole house filtration systems and accessories, water softeners and cleaners and water coolers, dispensers and accessories. Give your property a place for others to rest by installing drinking fountains. Our utility sinks make a great addition to your laundry room, work shop or basement. Take care of your lawns with our selection of underground sprinklers, drip irrigation, shut-off valves and timers.