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Our selection of bathroom, kitchen and laundry accessibility products include great choices for your health care property.
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Menards® offers commercial appliances, premium window treatments, flooring, drop ceilings and more to suit your property's needs.
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We carry all of the flooring, drop ceiling supplies, tools and office supplies you will need to update or build your next commercial property project.
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Choose from our selection of tools, building materials, HVAC, lighting and electrical products to complete your new apartment building project.
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Save BIG on Maintenance, Repair and Operations Supplies for Your Commercial Property or Business!
Commercial buildings require constant attention in order to keep them looking good and operating smoothly. Menards® has all the tools needed to ensure that your commercial property or business is always in tip-top shape. We offer a wide range of lighting and electrical supplies and products. Whether you are wiring a new building, installing new lighting or updating your lighting and electrical, you will find exactly what you need. Our selection of plumbing and HVAC supplies will ensure that your water, heating, cooling and appliances are all kept in check. Maintain your facilities with our selection of janitorial equipment and hardware and fasteners and make sure you have the equipment to complete any job with our variety of material handling and storage products. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of painting supplies to brighten up interior or exterior walls. We also offer safety and security equipment such as cameras, door locks, personal protective equipment and more to protect you, your employees and your property. Once the painting, HVAC and electrical work is complete, fill your business with quality commercial appliances, office products and furniture to make it functional, comfortable and stylish. You can also provide a great first impression with our selection of groundskeeping equipment to ensure that the exterior of your property is as beautiful as the interior.