Track Your Store & Online Orders

To track special orders purchased at a Menards® store or ordered online, simply enter the order number located on your special order contract or on your order confirmation email. The order number consists of a combination of letters first followed by 4-8 numbers.

Note: Enter in the order number located at the top right hand corner of your special order contract. Your order number is made up of a combination of letters first followed by 4-8 numbers.

EXAMPLES: FOXL30037083, MCOM12345678, ECEA12345

Order Number:  

Please make sure that you typed the full order number. Format: ECWE12345678 or ECWE12345

Register Your Protection Plan

If you purchased a protection plan, please take the time to register the plan. The protection plan will cover your purchase after the manufacturer warranty has expired. If you do not register the protection plan you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits should your purchase need to be repaired or exchanged. Protect your purchase and save.

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Return Policy

If you purchased a product from® or at a Menards® store and it is damaged, defective or not what you expected, you may return the product. However, the return must meet the rules and guidelines stated in our return policies. Before attempting a return, please review our return policies and contact us with any questions you may have regarding the process.

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