About Sterling Home & Patio
Sterling Home & Patio is a collection of the finest indoor and outdoor home furnishings. With over 50 years of expertise in improving homes across America, Menards is expanding their selection of home furnishings with this new and exciting company that specializes in innovative designs that will surely satisfy the most distinguished and discerning guests when it comes to style, quality and selection.

Sterling Home & Patio represents the finest quality of home products from top manufacturers around the world. These products are chosen by buyers with over 300 years of combined purchasing experience and are committed to providing you with the FINEST products available. Attention to detail is second to none with these leading edge products when it comes to color trends, design and style while exceeding industry standards. From product development to manufacturing and delivery, our company strives to reward our valued guests with treasured pieces that will bring life to your home, office, patio or business. Whether you like to entertain friends and family or just relax in the comfort of your own home, the products you purchase from Sterling Home & Patio are the ones you will love now and tomorrow. Orders can be placed online or at your local Menards.
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