So you've finished landscaping your outdoor space with beautiful flowers, stonework, mulch and plants... but something is still missing. What next? How do you add those final finishing touches to your garden to complete your outdoor space with charm and designer-inspired elements?
Add Seating
Any beautiful garden should have a place to sit down with a cup of tea, coffee or lemonade. Sterling's bistro sets bring the charm and beauty of a French cafe to your personal garden providing a beautiful place to enjoy an outdoor meal or to simply admire the beauty of your garden.

The Parisian-inspired Cypress Bistro Collection allows you to create a chic and calming oasis for any outdoor living space. The stunning glass table top and rust-free aluminum frame table and chairs offer durable outdoor elegance. For a classic outdoor look with extra comfort we also carry the Delano Bistro Collection. This collection is inspired by French cafes and features an Old World design with a sleek, black slat, decorative table top design. Complete the look with gentle rocking bistro chairs which feature a durable black finish on the back rest. The chairs also include a cushion for lavish comfort while you relax in your garden. The modern 3-Piece Terrace Bistro Set will provide you with a contemporary table complete with seating for two. This bistro collection pairs classic design with the graceful sophistication of wrought iron construction. This chic bistro set features heavy-duty steel construction and a powder-coated finish that will withstand all climates and is sure to complement any outdoor space.
Add a Garden Statue
Once you've selected seating that will allow you to relax and enjoy your garden, there is just one final touch, a garden statue. Garden statues have been around for millennia. In Ancient Egypt statues of the gods donned the temple gardens, and the Romans used many Greek statues in their gardens. Throughout the Renaissance Era and into the 21st century, statues hold special places in residential gardens as finishing touches and conversation pieces.

Garden statues can include anything from actual statues to bird houses, bird baths or bird feeders; anything that will bring a little bit of extra charm to your garden. Sterling offers exquisitely detailed statues that will add a final touch of elegance to your garden. The "Swing Time" statue features a mother whirling her daughter around as they play outside. The "Girl and Dog on a Bench" statue displays the heartwarming bond between a child and a pet. The "Boy and Girl Holding Hands" captures the innocence of youth as two children play "Ring around the Rosie" and the "Bike Riding Buddies Children" statue exhibits a boy and girl playfully riding a bicycle. Any of these lovely statues will serve as delightful conversation pieces as they add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Transform your garden from a simple yard to a relaxing botanical getaway. These fine Sterling products will delight you and the friends you bring to your lovely garden. Enjoy the beauty that you've created in style with pieces from Sterling Home & Patio.
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