Pets are more than just cute, furry creatures that share our homes. Pets are warm, happy and loving beings that never cease in sharing their love and devotion with their owners unconditionally. Their loving nature and the bond between pets and their owners are the reason that pet owners enjoy pampering them and providing them with the best beds, food and toys that money can buy. In return, pets have become important family members and give just as much love to children as their owners.
Plush Pet Beds
Sterling offers top-of-the-line pet care products to give your pets the luxurious, pampered life that they deserve. Sumptuous pet beds for your pet to lounge in after a fun day of play, furniture throws and high-quality bowls for food and water is only a brief list of the lavish style that Sterling can bestow upon your pet. So, whether your pet needs a comfortable bed to lounge in or a savvy bowl for meal times, Sterling has the products that will shower your pets with love and devotion.

Your furry friend may have different tastes and desires than other cats or dogs when it comes to choosing a cozy bed for lounging. This is the reason that Sterling offers a variety of pet bed choices. If your pet prefers to be curled up and enveloped in a warm, plush bed, then the Round Donut Pet Bed (available in Small and Medium) or the Oval Donut Pet Bed (available in Large and X-Large) would be the perfect match. On the other hand, your pet's preferences may be somewhere in-between. If your pet prefers to be able to stretch out, yet still have edges to lean up against, then the Large or X-Large Pet Couch would be the answer to your pet's lounging needs. Sterling is not finished with beds yet, we also have Large and X-Large Pet Mattress Beds for pets that simply just want a luxurious place to stretch out and take a nap. However, if your pet does not tend to use pet beds and prefers to nap on the furniture in your home we also carry Large and X-Large Pet Throws that have soft, plush material for your pet to snooze the day away on in complete comfort while keeping your furniture free of fur.
Mealtime Ease
To pets, comfort during mealtime is just as important as comfort while napping. Sometimes bowls do not have a good construction and they slide around while the cat or dog is trying to eat. This leaves them chasing around their bowls and that is not an ideal mealtime situation for them. If you want to give your pet the best food and water bowls, Sterling has the solution. Our food and water bowls come in a variety of sizes for both cats and dogs and they feature unique, black rubber feet so that your pet can enjoy its meal in complete comfort while you enjoy the sleek style that these bowls add to your home.
Safe Containment
Many pet owners know that pet gates are a good investment. They keep your pets from accidentally wandering off. Sterling Gates pair top of the line, striking style with ultimate function. We carry a variety of both indoor and outdoor gates made from premium hardwoods and a number of beautiful, nontoxic finishes. These gates come in a variety of styles with numerous features. Some are walk-through gates so you don't have to worry about tripping over gates while trying to walk over them. Another feature includes rubber feet to keep the gate from falling and sliding around. The gates come in multiple sizes to effectively contain large or small breeds. We also carry add-ons for certain gates to make the gate larger if necessary.

Containment of your beloved pets is not limited to using gates. Some prefer crating, but who likes the look of a metal gate in their home? Our selection of pet crate end tables features a whole new generation of pet crates. With beautiful, nontoxic finishes and multifunctional features for your pet as well as your home, our crates will add charm and style to your home.
Toy Boxes
In many ways pets are viewed as furry children. And just like children, pets have a lot of toys. Give your pet a place to put their toys, leashes or other supplies without sacrificing your home's style. These pet toy boxes are perfect for storing toys, tugs and other pet essentials. They are constructed of durable hardwood with dovetail corner construction and novel paw print cut outs at each end. The toy boxes are available in striking, eco-friendly, nontoxic finish options of Black, Aromatic Cedar, Mahogany and Artisan Bronze.

Your pets deserve plush, comfortable beds for lounging, warm furniture throws for snuggling and sturdy food dishes for mealtime ease. You can also keep them safe at home with gates and end table crates. Also, our toy boxes will also help your pet feel like they truly belong. You'll love the style these products add to your home and how simple they make to care for your favorite furry friend. With Sterling, it's easy to pamper your pet.
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