Hosting a Patio Wine Tasting Party
Hosting a wine tasting party outdoors for friends and family is a great way of welcoming the new season. A patio or other outdoor space is a great place to gather to enjoy the beautiful weather, provided you have the patio furniture and ample space needed to create the ambiance you are looking for. After all, the number of guests you invite to the wine tasting depends largely on how much seating you have on your patio.
Consider the Space
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Whether your gathering is large or small, Sterling has the patio furniture to accommodate the needs. If you desire to have a relaxed gathering, an outdoor living room would be idyllic so everyone can relax around the coffee table as you taste the various wines and discuss the flavors and aromas that your palettes experience. If you desire a more formal gathering around a dining table then a bigger dining set may be what you need as everyone ranks the wine samples and comments on their impressions. If your patio is furnished in zones, you may very well have a combination of guests seated at a dining set and relaxed around a coffee table. This type
of atmosphere would allow for more movement and more opportunity for numerous conversations.
Simple Tips
If you've never hosted a wine tasting before the experience can be quite simple. It's a good idea to send out invitations at least three
weeks in advance to allow for everyone invited to put the event on their schedules. Once you begin preparing for the event a good rule
of thumb is one bottle of wine for every 12 individuals. If you plan on inviting 12 guests (including yourself) then you will only need
one bottle of each wine at the party. If you plan on having a party of more than 12 then it is a good idea to have two bottles of each wine.

As guests arrive to your home it is ideal to escort them to the patio or outdoor space and help them find a seat whether that be on an outdoor sofa, club chair, at a bar height table, bistro set or dining table. As they arrive you can also serve appetizers and club soda until everyone is there and you are ready to serve wine. Just be sure that the appetizers do not include cheese or olives because these would affect the taste of the wine they will have later.

Another rule of thumb for wine tastings is to serve them at the correct temperature. Red wine should be served slightly above room temperature and white wine should be cold but not ice cold. To achieve this simply remove the white wine from your refrigerator 15-20 minutes before serving and place the red wine in its place for 15-20 minutes. Sparkling wine however, should be really cold.
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Be Informative
Once you are ready to serve the wine, inform your guests about each wine. Tell them about the grape the wine is made with, the winery it comes from, its origin and vintage. Being informed about the wine makes it taste better and knowing which flavors are flowing through the wine makes it easier to identify and enjoy. Remember to serve the wine from dry to sweet. This allows the palette to experience all the flavors and aromas of each wine equally and will not alter the tastes of each wine. Also, remember to make your guests comfortable and put them at ease. This is a time to relax and enjoy being outdoors with great company and great wine.
Enjoy and Relax
With Sterling patio furniture you can truly relax, whether your guests are seated on an outdoor sofa, loveseat and lounger or at a dining table, if someone happens to spill their wine or there is another accident of some sort, don't worry about your pillows or cushions. Sterling's cushions and pillows are encased in premium all-weather Sunbrella and GeoBella fabrics and are also durable and easy to clean. To clean up after an accident simply take some soapy water and a scrubbing brush and wash away the stain. If that is not enough you may also try a little bit of bleach and some water.

Remember these simple tips above and make your guests feel at home in your outdoor space. After all, it was an investment intended to allow you to relax in full-scale comfort in the tranquility of your patio or outdoor living space and sharing this with your guests makes the wine tasting experience that much more enjoyable.
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