Winter Essentials at Menards®
Winter Essentials
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Winter Season Essentials
Snow Blowers
Batteries, Chargers & Jumpers
Gas Heaters
Exterior Doors
Security & Storm Doors
Storm Windows
Caulk & Sealants
Weather Stripping
Pipe Insulation & Heat Cables
Indoor Air Quality
Portable Electric Heat
Batteries & Battery Chargers
Snow Shovels
Maintanence Fluids & Additives
Wood Splitters
Ice Melt
Electrical Cords & Cord Management
Save BIG on Winter Essentials at Menards®!
Prepare your home for the icy winds of winter with a little help from Menards®. Keep your driveway clean with one of our snow shovels or snow blowers, and prevent people from slipping by stocking up on ice melt. Keep your fingers warm with our selection of durable gloves. Menards® offers many ways to keep your home warm and cozy during the long winter months. Keep the cold out with strong exterior doors, security and storm doors, storm windows and insulation. Use our wood splitters to prepare enough wood to keep you warm all through the winter. We also offer a variety of portable electric heaters and gas and kerosene heaters. Seal up your home with weather stripping and caulks and sealants, and prevent your pipes from freezing with our pipe insulation and heat cables. Make sure your car is running despite the cold temperatures with batteries, chargers and jumpers, and maintenance fluids and additives. Keep your air fresh and pure with our indoor air quality products, and be prepared for blizzards and other emergencies with our generators, and electrical cords and cord management products.