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Protect Your Home's Exterior and Save BIG on Siding from Menards®!
Exterior siding is an important building material in the renovation or development of any home or business exterior. Siding provides protection from extreme cold, heat and any type of weather element such as rain, snow or hail. Vinyl siding comes in hundreds of color and style choices that you can mix and match to get the look that is just right for your home. No painting or caulking is ever required for vinyl siding, and maintenance is as easy as using mild detergent and spraying with a hose. Like vinyl, aluminum siding comes in a wide range of color and style options and offers the same weatherproof features.

Steel siding is another durable siding choice available in 24 color options and a variety of styles to allow you to find the best match for your exterior decor. Steel siding is practically maintenance-free; all you have to do is clean with soap and water. Resistant to the ever-changing elements, steel siding will not expand, warp or buckle. It will not crack or shatter due to hail or cold weather. Our steel is eight times stronger than vinyl, offering the best wind protection available. Because steel does not burn, steel siding also offers unrivaled fire resistance. View our Roofing and Siding Visualizer to upload an image of your home and select steel siding for your project. You can also visit the Midwest Manufacturing Trim Selector to help find the best trim to complement your home.

Engineered wood siding and PPG Prefinished Siding are made from engineered wood and are available in an assortment of colors, textures and finishes. These choices offer a traditional appeal while still being durable and weather-resistant. Fiber cement siding is a wood-alternative siding that uses a multi-step, high-pressure process that combines cement, recycled contents, wood fiber and specialty additives. Fiber cement siding is available in several different styles including panel, textured lap and no-groove. In addition, it strongly adheres to paint and does not experience swelling or warping.

Wood siding can give your home a rustic and charming appearance. We offer log siding for cabins and log homes as well as weather-resistant wood siding to ensure you get whatever style suits your home's exterior.

Combine your new siding with our real and manufactured stone or mortarless manufactured stone for a modern take on traditional brick houses. House wraps, siding tools, foundation materials, accessories and trim boards are other materials you may need for your siding project.