Shedding Light on Solar Lights at Menards®
Solar Lights
Are you in the dark about solar lighting? Within the last few years, these sun-powered lights have become a popular outdoor accessory. Why is that? Well, with more style choices and more capabilities than ever before, solar lighting is an illuminating option that can light up your patio, walkway and/or garden all night long. Here are a few things you should consider when selecting solar lights.
Solar Light Types
Not all solar lights are the same. In fact, each fixture has a different function. Some solar lights are supposed to be set along a pathway, while others should be placed throughout your yard.
1. Post Lights
Looking for a simple light that will brighten up your backyard? When placed on posts, columns and freestanding poles, post lights provide your home with lots of ambient light as well as plenty of positive attention.
2. Path Lights
Path lights are just that; they're path lights. Often used in multiples, path lights can light up a set of stairs and provide illumination for a hidden walkway.
3. Spot Lights
Shine bright light in every which way with solar spot lights. Featuring adjustable heads, these lights can be used to accent flower beds or highlight pieces of garden décor.
4. Novelty Lights
Novelty lights add character to your yard by day and attractive accent light by night. Each of these are unique and are available in a spectrum of styles, from blossom lights to color-changing crackle glass balls.
Perfect Placement
Solar lights can be placed virtually anywhere - the sky's the limit. Due to their lack of electrical wiring, they can be set up simply by sticking them into the ground. However, when it comes to lighting your landscape, a little goes a long way. Here are some ways you can brighten up your landscape without going overboard.
1. Provide plenty of light for your patio by capping every other pillar with a post light.

2. Place path lights at a distance of 6-12 feet apart to illuminate a garden path.

3. Create a visual focal point in your yard by setting 1-2 spot lights at the base of a garden statue, an ornamental tree or a flower-filled trellis.

4. Add a whimsical feel to your nighttime garden by mixing 2-3 different novelty lights behind your garden beds.